two new college students

0Spring Fever Part 1 starred Adam Killian from and Johnny Forza. Spring Fever is the new n-going series from Big Dicks At School. Killian is back again but this time there are two new college students for us to meet, Asher Hawk and Jack King. The story is that these three guys all live together in a house and attend the same college. This is Jack King’s 17th movie on All three of these guys are built, stunning, and muscular.Spring Fever 2is a must see.

It all starts off with the guyshanging outin their boat. It’s a beautiful day. The boat isn’t extravagant but it suits them just fine. They’re all having a great time just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. The guys are all talking. Somehow the topic of sex comes up. The conversation goes from sex with girls to sex with guys. Jack ends up getting water thrown on his shorts. He complains he is wet all the way through and the other guys tease him and tell him to take off his shorts. Things begin to unfold when he does. Before you know it the guys are getting hot and horny. We now have three super sexy college students with hard cocks. One thing starts to leads to another. It becomes apparent that these guys are ready for some action.

Adam starts to suck Jack’s huge hard cock as Johnny watches. He proves himself to be an expert. After that Johnny sucks Jack’s cock and at the same time Jack sucks Asher’s. There’s a whole lot of cock sucking going on and it gets pretty wild as they swap around.
Next, Jack and Adam Killian get the boat rocking harder and harder as Jack uses his long nine inch cock on Asher. Jack has Asher bent over in the center of the boat. Next Asher sits on Jack’s cock. You can see his own cock, still hard, as he sucks Johnny who is beside him. It’s a wonder that the little boat doesn’t capsize with all the action that’s taking place on it. Asher happily receives their loads all over his sexy tattooed chest. That’s the end of yet another great scene from the Spring Break series from Big Dicks At School. It’s yet another example of just how unique and creative this companycan beand also of how hot their younger models are. check out more of adam killian at

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Why did I download the scene with Adam Killian ? – found out today

The big guns are getting pulled out over the next couple of days. Drill My Hole is up to no good again. There will be a schedule of daily updates. Every single day Drill My Hole will be bringing you fresh new hardcore action. One of the latest scene you can view is Son Swap Part Two.

I went ahead and downloaded the mobile version of this scene. It always displays in good quality. It can be watched via mobile or via desk top. This time around we have Adam Killian, an older father figure and Luke, a boy the age of Adam Killian’s own son. The scene takes place at a lake side retreat. There’s a cabin in the woods. It begins with Adam Killian and his friend waiting for their sons to arrive. The boys get there and their fathers greet them out on the lawn. The boys decide they want to go for a swim. They wear super tight swim shorts. Their bodies glisten as they show off their muscles. And i must say , they looked super hot and sexy !

Later on Luke goes to lie down. Adam Killian checks on him. The two dads have paired off with each others sons. From there on out it becomes hardcore older/younger dominant/submissive action. There are several hot scenes. Luke lays on the bed, his cock erect and ready for action. Adam Killian lays on top of him. They share several passionate kisses. As Adam Killian presses his body against Luke his arousal is apparent.

It gets intense and down right hardcore as soon as they simultaneously service each others hard cocks. Luke is submissive to his elder and lets Adam Killian take charge. Adam Killian plays with his boy toy. He bends him over the bed and fucks his tight little ass all the while keeping an eye out to make sure he is not caught by his own son or Luke’s father. Adam Killian gives it to Luke hard making him moan and groan with pleasure. Luke takes it doggy style. Finally Adam Killian cums all over the boys tight ass. It’s totally hot. It’s a mind blowing, load blowing good time. This is yet another great scene from the masters at Drill My Hole.

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